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Warning! To be your reservation approved, you'll need to get our confirmation by phone/email, then within 24 hours to transfer at least 50% of the Amount Due = (Number of nights) x (Room / apartment price), or 100% full advance payment - according to the following bank account:
  • IZGREV-2007 LTD.
  1. If the advance payment was lower than 100%, the remainder to 100% is due within 48 hours before arrival date.
  2. If payment as per item #1 above is not not met, the reservation will be canceled without a commitment to return the already made partial payment.
  3. If item #1 is completed, but the client has not appeared on the stated date of arrival up to 9:00pm, or not called by phone to warn of a possible delay for good reasons - the booking will be canceled without a commitment to reimburse payment already done.
  4. Reservation without any payment will be canceled without any notice after 48 hours from the moment of its receipt.